👋 Hi, I'm Chris.


I’m a full-stack developer, entrepreneur, and data geek, with a passion for information management, workflow optimization, and anything that improves day-to-day life.

By day, I work with companies in roles such as customer solutions engineering and project management: Internally, I’ve built custom extensions for tools like Zendesk, Hubspot, and Tableau. Externally, I work with clients to develop custom solutions and workflows to match their business needs.

By night, I build applications of all shapes & sizes — some have grown into revenue-generating businesses, some are just for fun. Recent projects include Airframe, a bookmarking app for iOS and Android; Grapevine Network, a virtual event platform that saw much success during COVID-19; and WordleWithMe, a multiplayer Wordle spin-off that my friends are now addicted to.


Bookmarking app on iOS & Android
Airframe lets you save stuff from any app and find it later. Websites, Reddit posts, YouTube videos, articles, recipes, Zillow homes, Netflix shows you want to watch, a photo of a bottle of wine you like — anything!
Website  •  App Store  •  Play Store
Virtual rooms for events & teams
In April 2020, I was supposed to host a co-founder matching event in Boston. When COVID forced me to cancel, I started creating a virtual room where we could host it instead. Alas, Grapevine Network was born!

Grapevine became a popular virtual event platform throughout the COVID lockdowns, esp. among Boston's biotech scene. It is still used by some organizations today.

Check out our accelerator pitch video:

Multiplayer Wordle game
Give it a try — send a link to a friend! Or email one to me and I'll battle you. 🤺
Personal finance web app
Sync with your financial institution for a new take on expense tracking, budgeting, and more.
Math calculator that supports variables and multi-line text with letters. Because the stock iOS calculator drives me bonkers.


Coding proficiencies
• NodeJS
• React / React Native
• Ruby on Rails
• MySQL, PostgreSQL
• VBA (MS Excel)
• AppsScript (Google Sheets, Docs)
• Bash
• AppleScript
• Prog. Web Apps
Apple MusicKit
Google Mail, Maps, Drive, Docs
Leaflet / OSM Maps
Plaid (Fintech)
Get in touch
Interested in working together? Let’s schedule a chat. Coffee’s on me.