👋 Hi, I'm Chris.


By day, I’m a customer-oriented technologist, helping teams with all aspects of customer service and product development. I have experience managing customer communication in tools such as Zendesk and HelpScout; developing custom code or product solutions for clients; and building internal tools for teams that enhance software such as Asana, Zendesk, HubSpot, Tableau, and Excel.

By night, I’m an entrepreneur, full-stack developer, and data geek. I build applications of all shapes & sizes — some have grown into revenue-generating businesses, some are just for fun. Recent projects include Airframe, a bookmarking app for iOS and Android; Grapevine Network, a virtual event platform that saw much success during COVID-19; and WordleWithMe, a multiplayer Wordle spin-off that my friends are now addicted to.

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Companies I've worked with 


Bookmarking app on iOS & Android
Airframe lets you save things from any app and find it later. Websites, Reddit posts, YouTube videos, articles, recipes, Zillow homes, Netflix shows you want to watch, a photo of a bottle of wine you like — anything!
Website  •  App Store  •  Play Store
Virtual rooms for events & teams
In April 2020, I was supposed to host a co-founder matching event in Boston. When COVID forced me to cancel, I started creating a virtual room where we could host it instead. Alas, Grapevine Network was born!

Grapevine became a popular virtual event platform throughout the COVID lockdowns, esp. among Boston's biotech scene, hosting hundreds of events that year. It is still used by some organizations today.

Check out our accelerator pitch video:

Multiplayer Wordle game
Give it a try — send a link to a friend! Or email a link to me and I'll battle you. 🤺
Personal finance web app
Sync with your financial institution for a new take on expense tracking, budgeting, and more. Developed this after frustrating experiences with finance tools such as Mint and YNAB.
Math calculator that supports variables and multi-line text with letters. Because the stock iOS calculator drives me bonkers.
(Note: This is not a "polished" product, but I use it daily!)

Dev Toolbox 

Coding proficiencies
• JavaScript
• NodeJS
• React / React Native
• Ruby on Rails
• MySQL, PostgreSQL
• Linode / Akamai
• VBA (MS Excel)
• AppsScript (Google Sheets, Docs)
• Bash
• AppleScript
• Prog. Web Apps
• Apple MusicKit
• Eventbrite
• IMDb
• Google Mail, Maps, Drive, Docs
• HubSpot
• Leaflet / OSM Maps
• Plaid (Fintech)
• Reddit
• Spotify
• Stripe
• Trello
• YouTube
• Zendesk
• Figma
• Sketch
• Tableau
• Miro
• Photoshop
• Excel, Google Sheets
• Zendesk


Accelerator pitch video for Grapevine Network (2021)

With 2,100+ applicants, this video got us to the final round (though sadly we did not win that round)

Interested in working together? Let’s schedule a chat. Coffee’s on me.